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Rob Sigg

Hi, I'm Rob Sigg. Welcome to my profile!

Rob Sigg's Bio:

Rob Sigg is the President of Performance One Media - a powerhouse, when it comes to providing innovative marketing and advertising strategies to companies. Rob Sigg hasover 23 years of experience, doing marketing, and advertising. He currently leads a team of experts who constantly find new and innovative methods of driving new busines, while maintaining high quality standards  Before Rob Sigg launched Performance One Media, Rob Sigg spent over 8 years with Turner Media Group, which he launched from inception. As President of Turner Media Group, Robb Sigg created huge growth - launching a 3 man media agency to a 100+ employee power house. He led TMG to the height of it's grwoth, where it acted as the exclusive rep-firm for all media sales through Dish Network. 

Rob Sigg's Interests & Activities:

Marketing, Advetising

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